Episode 11: Short Shorts!

A very special episode featuring the class reading their short shorts, hosted by Selena:

The Lion Mistake by Abdur, The Supplies by Adriana, The Pranksters by Johanna, The Clever Fox by Tessa, The Eagle by Wren, My Dog by Brock, 7, Jasper and Lulu Meet the Stray Cat Catcher by Wes, The Bunny and Fox by Ayla, SSA Part 2 by Jacob, The Fox and the Mouse by Mese, The Kidnapping by Beck, The Taming by Henry, Slipping Away from Camp by Kristian, The Chase by Carlos, The Alien and Space by Beau, The Three Wolves by Myla, Sarah, Brad and Wes by Lia, Wooly the Brave by Harrison, Thunderbird! by Nora, Three Animals and the Sneaky Bunny by Maggie, The Rock Pile by Selena, A Walk Through the Park by Cade, The Jungle by Sophia, Addie and Ellie by Addie

All music from Podington Bear.

Listen to our eleventh episode by clicking the play button above,
or by finding our podcast on iTunes!



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