Episode 3

Hosted by Beck & Ayla: Sound Bites from our Field Trip to the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals
, The Video Game Cats with Sophia and Lia, Quick Train Facts with Abdur, Awesome Facts about Chameleons with Wes, Chess! A segment by Henry, All About CastleCraft with Nora, A Segment for Ms. Kelsey by the whole class, with an introduction by Adriana, Student Interview with Cade and Beck.

All music from Podington Bear.

Listen to our third episode by clicking the play button above,
or through iTunes or Stitcher!




  1. Thanks so much for the informative podcast! I really liked hearing you on your field trip, it was like I got to go there with your class. Also, it reminded me how amazing Miss Kelsey is, and how much I will miss her too.


  2. What a wonderfully informative and clever podcast! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know and learn with each and every one of the students in Room 217. Thank you for the lovely and kind words, wonderful students! I miss you all already…but I can’t wait to come and visit in the new year!


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